Prem Singh Bhuller

Elbows and ankle, and knees treated with deep tissue massage

Thank you so much Graham. I have suffered from migraines, since I was the age of 7! The doctor just prescribed me pain killers – which don’t work. I have almost lost clients and jobs because of the massive inconvenience. 3 – 4 migraines a day tend to incapacitate you. It is such a godsend that you keep them at bay. JUST BY A MASSAGE! I wish I went to you years ago. Thank you.

Bethany Florence

client had stress relief

I had a wonderful massage. Not only did it ease the tension in my body but it also gave me a surge of creative positive energy. The massage itself was deep and firm enough to get right into the tough knots and relax the muscles. I found it was really helpful in getting me back into alignment post-birth and would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a truly therapeutic and healing massage experience.

Jason Roberts

Client had bad back relief

I make sure that the one thing to do on my list is my monthly massage. I have a very busy schedule. I used to think of this as an indulgence. But when I stop, I notice my mood go down, and my stress levels go up. Thank you Graham. This really does help me stay on top of my work.

Jake Hutchman

Massage equipment

I had an excellent massage last weekend from Graham. I’ve suffered with shoulder and lower back pain for a number of years and never had a massage so I didn’t know what to expect. Although painful at times I found the experience to be very helpful and overwhelmingly positive. I felt an instant relief once it was finished and have since felt more benefits including more limber shoulders. Graham is extremely professional and experienced and I would recommend his services to anyone! I will be booking again soon!