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Our ethos at Mobile Massage London is simple. We are committed to providing holistic care for your Mind, Body and Spirit. Your entire wellbeing is important to us.
Let Professional Therapy come to you
It is essential that you can relax and be comfortable in your environment. For your convenience, we can come to your home, and our professional, friendly manner will put you immediately at ease. You don’t need to worry about returning to everyday life by getting on the underground, or facing crowds of people. You can rest and rehydrate in familiar surroundings, whilst absorbing the health benefits of our pure essential oils.

Mobile Massage London

Make This Treatment part of your everyday life

London is hotbed of tension and tiredness.  Stressful work, uncomfortable cramped travel, busy social lives, and demanding family and friends can have a profound effect on your day to day living. Constantly being on the go is draining, and tension can have a deleterious effect on your mind, body and spirit.

We all experience pain and discomfort at some point in our lives but it can be exacerbated by tension. Our workplaces do their best to keep us well but bad posture, long periods of physical inactivity, and high expectations are rewarded by migraines, back and shoulder issues.  Even efforts to stay active can lead to sports injuries or muscle weakness. Constant pain makes life hard and can adversely affect your personality.

A full body massage by an experienced therapist will not only help you achieve relaxation physically, but reset your mind, and nourish the soul. Our therapsits will finally give you the stress relief you crave and deserve. We can also discuss meditation and mindfulness to ensure that you get the most out of your treatment.

The holistic approach requires a high level of trust between therapist and client. Whether it is just one session or on-going treatments, we take care to build and nurture a relationship from the very start. Everybody is unique and we pride ourselves on our ability to engage with every client so you can fully relax and enjoy the benefits.

A full body massage will not only relax you. Tension in your body creates tension in your mind. This has a profound affect on your day to day living. Work becomes hard, your children are draining. You are constantly tired and angry. Constant pain also makes life hard and affects your personality. Our massage practitioners, will give you relief. You will be surprised by how happy you will feel when you finally get rid of that lower back pain, or the constant migraines that take over your life.

We offer a premium massage at your home or office. We are 5 star therapists, with 10 years of experience in dealing with aches and pains, tight muscles, bad posture, and other ailments. Book us now. Building a relationship and trust, is of paramount importance. We are friendly, trusted and reliable.

Home Visit Massage London

Increase Your Quality Of Life With A Home Visit Massage London

Have you reached a point where your quality of life has become a priority? Are you at your limits in terms of working unholy hours, running errands, and facing personal challenges?

In fact, it might even feel like the modern world is specifically designed to drain every bit of energy you have, only to leave you with excessive physical and emotional stress. And if you don't think that all this stress can lower your quality of life, think again. Living a stressful life is going to break you down piece by piece.


home visit massage london

The good news is that you can stop it from happening, and all you need is something as basic and straightforward as a home visit massage London.

The Damage Of Not Dealing With Stress

To get some perspective on how damaging stress can be, consider the following.

- Continued stress will cause consistent pain in your joints and muscles

- Stress prevents you from maintaining healthy sleep patterns

- In many cases stress leads to chronic depression

- You will constantly feel irritated, angry, and ready to explode

- All the pressure will eventually make you do or say something without thinking it through

- According to authority medical sites, including WebMD, stress can cause illness or make it worse

Of course, there are many other problems associated with stress, but those mentioned above should be enough to serve as a critical warning sign. More specifically, they eat away at YOUR quality of life.

If you want to fight back and gain the quality of life that is rightfully yours, it is time to consider a home visit from a professional company like Mobile Massage London. Not only do they make it incredibly convenient to implement a regular massage session, but the benefits that accompany the massage are nothing short of incredible.

But how exactly is something like a massage going to change your life? Keep in mind that a session from Mobile Massage London involves deep tissue therapy. In other words, the massage isn't just going to focus or relieve the pain at surface of the muscles.

Instead, with great skill and attention, the professional that comes to your London home will provide a deep tissue treatment. So, whether the pain is in your lower back, shoulders, or even if you suffer from consistent and never-ending headaches, a professional massage is going to bring immediate relief.

When you make massage sessions a regular part of your schedule, you will notice how relaxed, confident, and optimistic you feel. This is because you are not feeling pain all the time, you are getting the sleep you need, and you don't allow the stress of daily life to build up inside your body.

How The Home Visit Works And What To Expect

The idea behind a masseuse visiting you at your home is for convenience and necessity. So many individuals simply put off the chance to get a professional therapist because the trip alone might take too long.

But with us, the professional comes to your home and according to your schedule. This means you don't waste any time, and you can still get all the benefits associated with a quality massage.

The longer you avoid getting rid of built-up stress, the more damage it is going to do. And the more damage you suffer, the lower your quality of life is going to be. So why not bring that balance back and get that pampering you have been dying for since you started reading?

Office Massage London

Enjoy the Benefits of a Mobile Massage in Your Office

If you have always loved the idea of getting a therapeutic massage in a place where you feel the most at ease, we are here to make that happen. We will bring the massage to you, providing massage therapy services in the office after you have had quite a long day at work and need that relaxing massage more than anything. We will work with you to detoxify the body while helping you relax and improving your flexibility. Our massages are performed by only the most experienced and skilled professionals who will work hard to make sure you feel so much better after just one massage therapy session.

Get a massage at your office.
At work you can totally recharge your batteries. Get ready for that meeting, presentation or deadline.

Do you sit for many hours while at your office desk? If you are sitting for a long time, you may experience back pain regularly. However, our restorative massage therapy services will promote healing while relieving muscle tension and spasms, making you feel more at ease and far more comfortable than before. Our services could relieve your back pain in no time while easily improving your mood, giving you that feeling of being well-rested and energised.

Our mobile massage service is most convenient for those with busy lives who often do not get to have much time for themselves because they are always taking care of other work-related tasks and responsibilities they have at home. We understand you are busy, but we know you can certainly use a revitalising deep tissue massage and that is why we are willing to travel to you, whether you want us to perform our services in your office or even at your home on your own time.

If you would like to relieve back pain, muscle tension, stress, and more so that you can naturally feel better, we are ready to help. Treat yourself to one of our soothing professional massages.

Be good to yourself. Book your massage.

Home Massage London

The benefits of getting a professional massage are tremendous. Massage therapy is known for its ability to reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression while naturally improving the mood, relieving body aches and pain, and even helping people recover from injuries they have sustained. Although getting a massage is good for you both physically and mentally, it is the kind of thing you may prefer to do in the privacy of your home where you likely tend to feel the most comfortable. We provide comforting home massages in London to those who would like to relieve their body aches and stress while receiving soothing massage therapy services.

Our experienced massage therapists use a gentle, comforting approach to help relieve aches on areas all over the body, including the back, arms, neck, and legs. We will arrive promptly at your home when you would like to receive the massage. If you have another area you would like us to visit, such as your personal office, we will gladly travel to you to ensure that you can receive a relaxing massage that will leave you feeling rested, rejuvenated, and refreshed.

A foot massage at your home in london.
Get a lovely foot rub in the comfort of your home.

We provide deep tissues massages where we will apply some gentle pressure to areas of the body to relieve tension. Our goal is to naturally reach these deeper layers to relieve any tension that has been building up over time and causing you to experience back pain. Our private deep tissue massages may even help to lower your blood pressure while making it slightly easier for you to recover from any injuries.

If you would like to improve the way you feel through massage therapy, schedule your appointment with us today. If you are in the London area, we can come to your home or office with all the supplies we need to give you the best massage possible, including base oils and essential oils. Select a date and time, let us know how long you would like the massage to last, and we will be there to help you get the relief you truly need.

Mobile Massage Service London Benefits

Help your body eliminate toxins.


Your pores will be opened. We always recommend drinking plenty of water after your session.

Those toxins are pushing their way out. Help them.

When your body feels relaxed, you feel relaxed.


Your body will feel looser than before.

As a result, your mind can also relax.

As a result, you will be happier.

Push that pain out of your body.

Pain Relief

Cut down on those pain killers. Ask your Doctor!

A natural way to decrease, or eliminate discomfort and pain.

Get your energy back i to your body.


Your energy levels will go through the roof.

You will feel more alert and your focus may increase, in the long term.

lower back pain relief

re-aligning your bones and muscles will give you enormous relief.


A big part of the treatment is to loosen up those tight muscles and joints.

Feel great physically.

We create our lotions based on natural oils.


Almond oil is good for the heart, skin and hair.

Avocado oil is excellent for the immune system.

Both oils have many other benefits.

We use natural ingredients on your body.


Discover the power of essential oil.

Lavender relaxes, and Geranium invigorates.

Did you know migraines respond well to massage therapy.


The cure to a lot of migraines is to clear those blockages. Blood rich in nutrients are unable to get to your brain. Relieve your migraine now.