My Day as a Massage Therapist

My Day as a Massage Therapist

My Typical Massage Routine

My commitment to the art of massage therapy is seen in the preparations I make before I start the journey to my client’s location. Most importantly I decline to carry out more than two massage treatments a day. My clients would detect my low energy levels and shift in focus. This would be unfair on both of us. Here is my typical massage routine.

My Day as a Massage Therapist Mobile Massage London
Every day I prepare my mind through meditation.

The day begins with my own physical and mental and spiritual well-being. After their treatment I want my clients to feel 100% nurtured, and I can only do this by giving 100% of myself to them. This requires personal holistic energy which would be impossible without a strict morning regime.

Maintaining a distance from the world with meditation and breathing for 15 minutes is essential. Sometimes I use music; sometimes in total silence. When my mind is still and focused, I start a warm-up my body. Breathing through simple stretches, with Gi-Gung, for around half an hour is as refreshing as another night’s sleep. This regime doesn’t sound like a long time but is more than enough to make me feel calm yet strong; relaxed and powerful.

After a shower, I’m ready for my loose fitting clothing. My organisational routine for my mobile massage therapy equipment is well practiced. I need to know that everything is to hand when I arrive.


  • My specially designed table is portable but strong enough to hold any sized person. My clients will be lying on their fronts, and then their backs – in complete comfort.


  • My own combination of essential and base oils is my constant companion. It is always freshly replenished and 100% natural. Base oils are almond and avocado, both of which are easily absorbed by the skin and have incredible health benefits. Pure and organic geranium and lavender essential oils complete my mix. I find that this
    My Day as a Massage Therapist Mobile Massage London
    I always bring plenty of clean, fluffy towels. You don’t need to worry about anything. Just relax.

    combination help soothe my clients, and brings them to a state of total relaxation.


  • I carry a small music system with me. If the client wishes, I play soothing ambient music or transcendental beats for a more immersive extra-sensory experience.


  • Finally, I always bring a quantity of large, fluffy, freshly laundered towels. Warmth and the modesty of my client are paramount, sotowels cover them as I work each part of the body. One will keep the feet warm, and others can be used as padding for comfort. The warmth generated also enables the oils to release their scent and work their magic.


My Day as a Massage Therapist Mobile Massage London
I use a personal mixture, that can revive you, or completely relax you. Depending on your desire.

When everything is ready I drive to my clients’ house or work so that I have complete control of my journey. If I arrived in a state of tension or stress, then the client would pick up on this, so I add an extra hour for travel. Although this means an early arrival, I find a local coffee shop and relax. On the dot, to the minute, I then knock on the client’s door.

Building a relationship of trust with the client is a vital part of the entire experience. I want to establish understanding both with, and of, the client. Why do they need the massage? What are they expecting to gain? Is there anything in their medical history they need to mention? A private and friendly conversation can reveal many things. When we have agreed on what is to be achieved, we are then ready to proceed.

The client is then given space and privacy to undress to their underwear, and make themselves comfortable on the table under a towel. In the meantime, I will be washing my hands and arms, and preparing myself. After starting the optional music, and adjusting the lighting to comfortable levels, the massage session commences.

Just as each individual client is unique, so is each treatment. However the end result is complete relaxation and a slightly spaced out feeling. Rest and rehydration afterwards is important because the massage has released the build-up of bodily toxins. Water will help flush them out and cleanse the body further. I let the client sit in peace to reflect and when they are ready, I can talk to them about their experience.

After a couple of days, I will contact the client to find out how they feel. It is important to know whether issues have been resolved. Do they feel better? Have they experienced any positive or negative side effects?  For me, my massage experience is a process, not an event. And I am proud to say that the well-being of all my clients is very important.

Please note, if you are seeing a doctor about a condition, let them know that you intend to have a massage. Also do not use massage as a replacement for your doctor’s medical advice.