About London Mobile Massage

Graham the Master Massage Therapist has been healing through massage for 10 years, around the globe. Through his travels, he has picked up techniques, which he has combined to make his own unique style. This is implemented through London Mobile Massage.

His philosophy, is to treat your body as a whole. Not different connected parts. Therefore, he will make sure that, every part of your body receives treatment. He does not believe in ‘watching the clock’, so if your session demands more time, he will extend your session, at no extra charge.

Mind, Body, and Spirit is not just a slogan. Meditation, Reiki, Deep Tissue Massage are some of the techniques he uses, to make sure that you as a whole being will benefit.

“I am always happy to have a conversation about my services. Please call on: +44 (0)203 8704 233. There is no obligation. It’s about your health and well being. You have every right to inquire.”