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Relaxed after a massageMobile Massage London, means that wherever you are in London and Essex, we will come to you. Whether that be your office or home. The reason we go to your premises, is that we have learnt that our clients can truly relax. No need for you to worry about catching the train, or getting caught in traffic. You relax, and let us worry about getting to your place. After you have had your massage, you can lie back and relax.

Some of our clients like us to visit them at their work premises. We can also rejuvenate and invigorate your senses. So as soon as our massage therapist has gone, you will be motivated to get back to work, and focus.

Stressed before a massageA full body massage will not only relax you. Tension in your body creates tension in your mind. This has a profound affect on your day to day living. Work becomes hard, your children are draining. You are constantly tired and angry. Constant pain also makes life hard and affects your personality. We at Mobile Massage London, will give give you relief. You will be surprised by how happy you will feel when you finally get rid of that lower back pain, or the constant migraines that take over your life.

For only £70 per hour, we come to your home or office. We are 5 star massage therapists, with 10 years of experience in dealing with aches and pains, tight muscles, bad posture, and other ailments. Book us now. Building a relationship and trust, is of paramount importance. We are friendly, trusted and reliable.

Home Visit Massage London

All you have to do is pick up the phone and then start relaxing, knowing that peace of mind is on the way, a home visit massage is on the way. Whatever your ailment, trust that we will go deep, deep, into the tissue, with our massage. We will give lower back pain relief. We are here for your shoulder pain relief. No more migraines. You do not have to keep swallowing pain killer tablet, after tablet- to no avail. We use only natural oils and lotions. Please note that we will never recommend our treatments, as a replacement for your Doctors advice.

Be good to yourself. Book your massage.

Just a Few of the Massage Benefits


Your pores will be opened. We always
recommend drinking plenty of water after your massage.
Those toxins are pushing their way out. Help them.


Your body will feel looser than it ever has.
As a result, your mind can also relax.
As a result, you will be happier.


Cut down on those pain killers. Ask your Doctor!
Massage is natural way to
decrease, or eliminate discomfort and pain.


Your energy levels will also go through the roof.
You will feel more alert and your focus may increase, in the long term.

lower back pain relief


A big part of the treatment is to
loosen up those tight muscles and joints.
You will feel great.


Almond oil good for the heart, skin and hair.
Avacado Oil is exellent for the immune system.
Both oils have many other benefits.


Geranium and Lavender.
Lavender relaxes, and Geranium invigorates.


A lot of people don't realise
how effective a massage is, at getting blood to your brain.
Which is the cause of a lot of Migraines.